Discover the heritage of the House through the work of János Hamerli and his successors.

Since 1861

Committed to the art of glove-making, Hamerli remains faithful to János Hamerli master glovemaker’s legacy. Noble materials, passionate craftsmen, outstanding know-how are vital parts of our traditional manufacturing process, ensuring excellence of our products.



János Hamerli

János Hamerli was born in 1840 in Pécs, Hungary. He left his homeland at a young age to learn the noble craft of glovemaking in great European cities. After he founded his workshop, his gloves were in high demand internationally.

He opened shops in Pécs, Budapest and Vienna as well. János Hamerli built up a base for an acclaimed profession in Hungary that time. His legacy evolved to a blooming industry. 


The beginnings

The traditional glove-making in Hungary originated in the 19th century, when pioneer János Hamerli established his workshop in 1861 introducing the noble craftsmanship to the country.

Generations of glovemakers

János Hamerli's keen eye for fine quality, aesthetic colour & material combinations coupled with a passion for traditionanl craftsmanship earned him a reputation as a talented glovemaker.

His name today symbolizes the highest quality of authentic glove-making.

Passing Down Values

For over 160 years, Hamerli has been recognized as an outstanding Atelier in luxury glovemaking by offering uncompromising quality. It is with the same high standards that the House consistently reinvents itself in order to answer the environmental and societal challenges with which we are constantly presented.


Preserved since 1861

A pair of Hamerli is a fine work of art created by proud artisans.

The complex, traditional handcrafting process remains almost unchanged since the 19th Century. The process includes more than 50 separate stages while a Hamerli, an exclusive masterpiece, is born.


Our leathers are all ethically sourced from the best tanneries of Italy and France.

The most common material of fine leather gloves is Nappa Leather. We also use Peccary leather and other ethically sourced exotic skins.

All Hamerli gloves are table cut, one by one, according to the French tradition of glove making dating back to the 17th century.

The atelier today

Our Atelier is located in the historic Zsolnay district in Pecs, Hungary, in an exquisitely restored 700 sqm workshop.